Available any time of the day or night, Bill Buddy's WebPay system allows the customer to make their payment from a secure website using their credit card and a validated customer reference number. Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works
  • Bill Buddy issues you a range of Customer Reference Numbers (CRN's) to issue to your customers.
  • Your customer goes directly to billbuddy.com.au or via a link on your website and follows the prompts to make their payment from a credit card using the CRN supplied to them.
  • Bill Buddy validates the CRN and processes their payment in real-time.
  • A receipt is immediately issued to the customer for successful payments and you are advsied by email of the successful payment.
  • Funds are remitted to you daily, typically two business days after the transaction.
  • Comprehensive reporting provided each day a transaction occurs.
  • You have 24 hour access to our Biller Portal to manage customer payments and schedules.

Setting up your own online credit card service would typically cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars between bank costs and development costs, not to mention ongoing hosting and maintenance costs. Using Bill Buddy's WebPay system there is no establishment fee. Ongoing charges are charged on a per transaction basis and are outlined in our Facility Agreement which forms part of the Biller Application Kit.

To be provided with complete pricing please complete the Biller Registration process. At the completion of this online process you will be provided with a completed Biller Application Kit ready for your signature if you are agreeable with the content of it.

Is WebPay suitable for my organisation

WebPay is ideal for:

  • Organisations who want to pass the transaction cost on to their customers (optional)
  • Organisations who want to integrate with a shopping cart on their website (optional)
  • Organisations who want to ensure a meaningful reference is associated with each payment.
  • With the bulk of identity fraud originating from offline sources such as face-to-face credit card use, stolen cheques, account statements, etc* WebPay is an ideal solution for customers looking for convenient, secure methods of making credit card payments.
What are the benefits of WebPay
  • Know instantly if a customer payment is successful
  • Can be operated at no cost to you
  • Allows customers to benefit from any applicable interest free days on their credit card
  • Allows customers to benefit from any rewards points associated with their credit card
  • Improve cash flow by providing an easy, convenient, credit card based payment option.
  • No customer registration required.
  • Minimise the risk of identity fraud
  • Instant notification via email of approved customer payments
  • 1,024 bit encryption
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard compliant.
  • Bill Buddy creates the CRN's so you don't need to have any systems in place capable of producing compliant CRN's.
  • No customer registration required
  • Funds transferred to you daily