Why is Bill Buddy showing on my credit card statement?

Bill Buddy is a payment facilitator for thousands of Australian businesses.

If you see something similar to "Bill Buddy" on your credit card statement, chances are this transaction is for a product or service you have purchased from one of our Billers.

To find out who the Biller associated with the transaction is please go to our transaction enquiry page. Note that to enable us to locate your transaction you will be asked to enter the first four and last three digits of your credit card along with the exact amount of the transaction in Australian dollars.

If you wish to discuss the transaction further you should contact the Biller for whom we facilitated the transaction.

Why is Bill Buddy debiting my bank account?

Bill Buddy will only debit your bank account if a Direct Debit Authority has been provided.

Usually the transaction will appear on your statement along with the name of the organisation that has provided you with the products/services. This is the organisation we are debiting on behalf of. You should contact them with any questions regarding the amount or timing of your debit.

The other reason a direct debit may take place on your account is if a previous debit dishonoured. In this case we may charge a failed payment fee as per our DDR Service Agreement and this is usually charged in the form of debiting that fee from your account.