BPAY is an service offered by Australia’s leading financial institutions as a core feature of Internet and phone banking. BPAY gives your organisation the option of allowing customers to pay your bill at any time, day or night, on any day of the year, saving them time and reducing the hassle of paying bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it works
  • Bill Buddy issues you a range of Customer Reference Numbers (CRN’s) to issue to your customers.
  • Your customer uses their CRN and the Bill Buddy BPAY Biller Code to make their payment from their phone or internet banking.
  • Funds are remitted to you daily, typically two business days after the transaction.
  • Comprehensive reporting provided each day a transaction occurs.
  • You have 24 hour access to our Biller Portal to manage customer payments and schedules.

For a small establishment fee your organisation can be set up as BPAY Sub-Biller under Bill Buddy’s BPAY Master Biller code.

Typically to set up BPAY with your bank would cost several hundred dollars and then you have the task of trying to create BPAY compatible Customer Reference Numbers. Ongoing charges are charged on a per transaction basis and are outlined in our Facility Agreement which forms part of the Biller Application Kit.

To be provided with complete pricing please complete the Biller Registration process. At the completion of this online process you will be provided with a completed Biller Application Kit ready for your signature if you are agreeable with the content of it.

Is BPAY suitable for my organisation

BPAY is ideal for:

  • Organisations that do not want to provide their account information to their customers to make EFT payments.
  • Organisations who want the decreased risk associated with the security of their customer having to authenticate with their internet or phone banking prior to making a payment.
  • Customers who want to retain control over the timing of their payment.
  • Organisations who want to ensure a meaningful reference is associated with each payment.
What are the benefits of BPAY
  • A well recognised and trusted payment method
  • Aids in creating a professional image for your organisation
  • Improve cash flow by providing an easy and convenient payment option.
  • No customer registration required.
  • There is an option of integration with Bill Buddy' system for BPAY functions.
  • A full set of easy-implement API covers all functions above.
  • Sandbox and test environment avalable.